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In industry, smoothly functioning plants are an essential factor for productivity. However, old equipment does not necessarily need to be replaced.

Downtimes endanger production to a considerable extent. If a system has a defect or has long since passed its zenith, a new acquisition is not always the optimal solution.

Factors such as adaptation to existing infrastructure, the downtime for new installations, and the significant acquisition costs should be considered in all decisions.

RETROFIT, is the alternative to purchasing a new plant, with remarkable potential and thus the cornerstone for a successful future


What speaks in favour:

Extended service life
The ageing machine, for example, can still be used by integrating modern control systems, drive technology and user interfaces.

Cost savings
Compared to the purchase of a new and modern machine, a retrofit usually proves to be significantly more cost-effective.

Increased productivity and better quality
Various measures increase the productivity of the machine. 
Downtime is minimised so that the machines can provide significantly longer availability times. In addition, the RETROFIT has a positive effect on product quality.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency is on everyone's lips and should be taken seriously, not only for the sake of the environment but also for the sake of the wallet. Modernisation increases the energy efficiency of your machine, saving you money.

Data acquisition
Basically, Industry 4.0 is based on data and the networking of machines. Existing devices are equipped with sensors, for example. These can record various data, e.g. temperature or power consumption. The evaluation of a range of machine data then takes place via software. This allows you to gain valuable insights, knowledge and key performance indicators for process optimisation.

Availability of spare parts
For old machines that are no longer produced, the necessary spare parts are usually unavailable. Modernisation ensures that your “adapted” machine can be repaired in the future with spare parts from LORENZ.

The familiar habits of your employees
Employees who have been working on a machine for years naturally get used to how it works. In many cases, extensive training would be required to familiarise your employees with the new processes. This effort can be reduced to a minimum by RETROFIT.

For more than 50 years, LORENZ has been providing technological progress in the straightening industry, offering individual and technical solutions specific to customers and processes and therefore not standard products.


By the way: 

As straightening technology experts, we conduct a cost-benefit analysis with you to find out exactly what possibilities our RETROFIT opens up in your individual situation.



NEWS // 03




Our customers have always been and are at the heart of our corporate policy and culture.
This year in particular has shown how important close relationships are in times of crisis.

To further strengthen the collaborative approach, we are expanding our range of traditional and digital service structures. Future services will focus not only on individual services and deployments, but on long-term performance and results-oriented offerings.


  • Better equipment performance
  • The mitigation of operational risks
  • Control of maintenance costs
  • Protection of the asset
  • Fast and efficient service during shutdowns
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership
  • Increased revenue through reliable equipment
  • Flat hierarchies


By the way: 

We have not only strengthened our team in terms of personnel.
The availability of necessary spare parts has become more efficient and professional thanks to a new supply chain network.



NEWS // 02




Climate change and the growing world population present major challenges.
We all need to take action. We are acting now.

We need to prepare for this. Climate change, population growth and rural exodus. To name just 3. They also affect where we source our raw materials.

Thus, the question for us is: What is the purpose of a company? Until recently, the answer seemed quite simple – sell products and services and make money. But change is on the horizon.

More and more companies are defining their business purpose more comprehensively, and so are we!

Digitisation and the possibilities of networking machines together are releasing enormous potential within industrial manufacturing: greater efficiency, improved quality and a stronger focus on sustainability.


What's going on with us:

  • 80% of purchased parts are sourced regionally
  • 70% of our suppliers are within a radius of 30 km
  • A photovoltaic plant with a power generation of approx. 68,000 kW/h
  • A high degree of specialisation due to many years of cooperation with suppliers and partners
  • The latest techniques for increased efficiency


By the way: 

It is not only technically that we are being challenged more. Because the more technical we become, the more human we need to be.



NEWS // 01




Get the best out of your processes – 24/7.

Achieve whole new levels of productivity with LORENZ high-performance levellers.

We not only achieve this with our ambitious sustainability goals, no –
our close partnerships with customers, suppliers, universities and research institutes in the region also play a part.


The goal:

We design and build THE high-performance straightening machine that can process even low-quality raw materials or steels.
Without limiting the quality of the final product.


By the way: 

Even more space for a better future. Our new production hall has been completed. More space for creativity, production and innovation.