Telephone diagnostics and remote maintenance shorten response times. Our electrical engineers are ready to assist you if needed.
Service Phone: +49 (0)7821 92098 25.
Remote maintenance via modem quickly and efficiently assists you with control problems.
Your machine does not have remote maintenance yet?
Call us and we will help you!


Maintenance/Maintenance contract

In order to achieve a certain process reliability, maintenance should be carried out at certain intervals.
This preventive maintenance is more economical than restoration by repair.
A maintenance contract offers you several advantages beyond process reliability with additional services:

  • Regular preventive maintenance (based on operating hours) – LORENZ arranges and coordinates fixed maintenance dates.
    Invoicing is done on a lump-sum basis according to the contract after each assignment.
  • Fixed agreed travel and work rates
  • Discounts on spare parts
  • "Maintenance plus" offers you access to the most important spare parts, which LORENZ keeps in stock.
    This is an optimal solution for process reliability and the availability of your machines.


In addition to the annual professional maintenance and inspection of your machines, we will retrofit older equipment.
These are brought up to the latest state of the art.
We also overhaul and modernise third-party brands. We will be happy to advise you on this.
With an upgrade, new technologies can be integrated to improve, e.g.

  • the quality and throughput times of your products
  • increase the energy efficiency of the plant
  • reduce setup times
  • avoid downtime

According to your ideas and priorities for the modernisation, we can prepare an appropriate concept and offer.


Spare parts
All mechanical spare parts are manufactured in-house. This guarantees high quality and good availability.
Other spare parts are purchased from reputable manufacturers or local suppliers located within a radius of about 50km.